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For centuries, doctors have been trying to treat male hair loss using the most advanced medicines, food supplements and hair-care treatments, but without success. On the other hand, the surgical re-distribution of ones own healthy hair has set new standards of excellence, and achieved impressive results in recent years.

From a number of scientific studies we know that most of the peripheral rim of the scalp hair is not effected by hereditary hair loss. The roots at this part of the head seem genetically programmed to continue producing hair for a life-time, even if they are removed and placed on another part of the body. Modern hair surgery makes good use of this phenomenon by using some hairs from this area and redistributing them to bald or thinning patches, where they will produce new healthy and natural growing hair.

This is still the only known permanent cure to hereditary hair loss.

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Aesthetic Clinics provided me with a top class service - I can not begin to describe how happy I am with my results. I would recommend this company to anybody looking to have FUE hair loss treatment done.

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